Here’s a description of the materials I use, and depending on the desired look and sign type I will help in recommending the right material for your carved sign. Today’s composite materials are very popular and are the best value for a long lasting carved sign.

Sign Foam: Also called HDU (high density urethane). Sign foam is a great product for dimensional sign making because its lightweight, yet remarkably strong and stable. It will not warp, crack or rot like wood and is unaffected by insects. It’s completely waterproof and it holds up under extreme hot and cold conditions. Sign Foam clearly outperforms wood Durable and long-lasting, Sign Foam outperforms wood by every measure and It stands up to both time and the elements. HDU is used worldwide as an alternative to traditional wooden signs. Its also safe for the environment (see FAQ page).

Komacel PVC: Are you’re looking for a material with long lasting durability and minimal to no maintenance… Komacel PVC is one of the best materials for carved signs especially when the background color can be white (available only in white). White is one of the least affected colors when it come to the harsh ray of the sun. Komacel PVC also has high flexural strength and low thermal conductivity. It’s also weatherproof and resists fading and is ready for use indoor or out without any pretreatment. Its also safe for the environment (see FAQ page).

Walnut:  Varies from a rich dark brown or chocolate color to a lighter brown, its an excellent choice when finished natural. Walnut is rated very durable in terms of decay resistance but this wood is best used in doors.

Mahogany: Varies from a deep rich red, to reddish brown, when painting it holds paint better than most woods and is nearly impervious to rot. Its also beautiful with simply just a clear finish.

Reclaimed wood: Typically pine is most available, and make great rustic, camp or trail signs. Were finding stock all the time, so it does vary on what we have in stock. Just let us know your vision on your project and we will try our best to find the perfect piece.

Western Red Cedar: All sign blanks are constructed from number one grade, kiln dried, vertical grain, western red cedar has very good weather ability when properly maintained. Western Red Cedar is a good choice for interior and exterior signage. Depending on the sign size it can end up costing more, because of having to prepare the blank by gluing up smaller boards to the appropriate size, where PVC and sign foam comes in sheets eliminating the extra step.

Northern White Cedar: The heart wood is white to pale brown or tan in color with some small knots.  White Cedar is rated as a durable wood regarding to decay and insect resistance.

Eastern (aromatic) Red Cedar: Varies from a reddish to violet brown with random streaks of white, with various size knots, and is also resistance to decay and insects.